Use the Holidays to Your Evangelistic Advantage

This article was originally published by The Upstream Collective.

Several years ago, I was in Japan on a short-term mission trip. We were visiting long-term missionaries in order to support their work and learn more about how to minister in a Japanese context.

We were walking around a part of Tokyo with some Japanese students when I struck up a conversation with one of them. We started talking about American holidays and why we celebrate them. Of course, Easter and Christmas aren’t inherently “American,” but it gave me an opportunity to explain why I, as a Christian, celebrate these holidays. It was an easy opening to share the gospel with this student.

The holiday season is filled with opportunities to share the gospel with neighbors, friends, and family. Here are just a few ways each holiday offers us easy ways to share our faith.


Halloween has already passed this year, but consider this for the future. My evangelism professor in seminary is a huge proponent of taking advantage of this particular holiday for the gospel. The reason? Rarely, if ever, do strangers and neighbors just show up at your door. So, instead of turning off your front porch light and hiding away, use this time to your advantage.

Set up a place for people to stop and hang out for a while. You can have cider or hot chocolate, candy, and chairs for people to take a break from the trick-or-treating. Invite friends from your church to help you engage those who show up at your house.


Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family. Many of them may be non-believers and this may be one of the only times a year that you see them. If this is the case, use this time to your advantage.

Believers and non-believers alike can talk about all the things for which they are grateful. But for the believer, we know that all good gifts come from above. Use this time to focus on the Lord and to talk about the thing for which we should be most thankful—our salvation.


People around the world celebrate Christmas. Though there are many things that distract from this fact, Christmas is about the birth of Christ. Even some secular radio stations play Christmas hymns. As you enter this joyful season, consider ways you can share the hope of Christ with others.

Many people are open to attending church on Christmas—invite them to the Christmas Eve service at your church. If Christmas day isn’t a time you’re able to share, consider having a dinner or party before Christmas where you can invite non-believers. Share the Christmas story and why it gives you hope.

One Thing in Common

One thing these holidays offer is a time you can invite others into your home to share in the fellowship and meal that normally takes place. Open up your home to those who may not have a place to go this holiday season. Invite them into your families and lives. The holidays present an easy opening to share the hope of the gospel with those around you.

Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash